Domantas Sabonis 20 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2018)

5 of 6 from three now for Domantas Sabonis on the year. I’m not even going to pretend that’s a good thing. It would be, if it was over a one or two-game span. But over the whole season so far? It means that he’s either not utilizing his skills as well as he can, or his coach is not allowing him to utilize his skills as well as can. Normally I blame coaches, and I think I did before in this case, but now I’m kinda leaning towards blaming Sabonis for this one.

He’s got to let it fly. Ignore the coach if you really have to. I don’t know if he’s passing up shots from out there or he’s just not going out there in the first place, but he has to, at least on some possessions, get his butt out behind the arc, demand the ball, and shoot it.

He’s 5 of 6. That needs to become 24 of 60, pronto. The Pacers are fading a little bit, with Oladipo out and Sabonis as their best player. He can become even better with more threes. Maybe he has traumatic memories of being forced to shoot them by the tyrannous Russell Westbrook back in OKC, but he needs to shove those to the side and create new awesome memories where he hits a whole bunch of threes and his teammates reward him by giving him a whole bunch of high-fives.

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