Beno Udrih 17 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (4/1/2013)

One of the many perks of being an NBA highlight compiler is the vast network of undercover operatives at my disposal. I tasked some of my Slovenian mafioso contacts to raid Beno Udrih’s childhood home and furnish me with any items of interest. The only things they got were a Michael Jordan poster and a personal diary. The poster is now on my wall (it’s the one where he’s sticking his tongue out and jamming it, it’s pretty rad) and below is one of the gems from Beno’s diary. The work is undated, but I put it at around 1996, meaning Beno was 14 or 15 when he wrote this.

“Withering. Decay. Dust.


I fly on the sinewy wings of desolation. What.

Is my purpose in this life. To suffer.

Rot.Squirming.Worms of the earth devour. Razors perform their cacophonous symphony of flesh.

A tree with no roots will fall.”

So as you can see, Beno Udrih’s teenage years were fairly screwed up. His diary is full of this weird poetry, not to mention all the drawings of crying skulls. But wait until you see the excerpts from his previously-undiscovered LiveJournal account. It will paint these 17 points and ten assists in an entirely new light.

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