Rashard Lewis 17 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2013)

Last season with the Wizards, Rashard Lewis got paid 21 million dollars to put up eight points per game on sub-40% shooting and sub-30% from deep. So as a thank you to the franchise that took on his bloated, crushing contract, he dropped a season-high 17 on them. For the benefit of the American contingent of my audience, here’s 21 million dollars broken down into the easier-to-comprehend units of fast food items:

-21,000,000 McDoubles
-4,800,000 Baconators (plus a few thousand things of fries)
-7,000,000 Whoppers
-7,000,000 Big Macs
-3,000,000 KFC Big Boxes
-4,200,000 Taco Bell Five Buck Boxes (it rocks it rocks)
-42,000,000 White Castle slider burger things

What’s that? No, I’m not hungry. This is strictly for your benefit. I only eat celery and whole grains.

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