JR Smith 19 Points Full Highlights (4/23/2013)

“JR, man, why do you have to smoke it in that ugly thing? You look like an idiot.”

“Hey, Cope, don’t talk about this pipe like that. This is a hand-me-down from my ancestors. It’s been in the Smith family for generations. And besides, I think it makes me look pretty damn classy. And everyone knows, JR Smith, is one hell of a classy man.”

“Whatever. Did your ancestors, uh, utilize it for smoking the funky stuff? I didn’t think so. Now pass it on over, I know you always got the best stuff.”

“Hell no, you crazy! You’re just a rookie and besides, I seen you eating all those flamin’ hot Cheetos. No way you putting your grubby paws on my treasured heirloom.”

“My hands are fine, your girlfriend definitely wasn’t complaining.”

“Oh, you’re a really funny guy. Real god damn comedian. Now let me ask you something.”


“You trying to get the pipe?”

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