Nate Robinson 34 Points Full Highlights (4/27/2013)

We all are contented with how our respective days went, considering we got to watch one of the greatest games of the season, between the Bulls and Nets, play out before our eyes.

Except for you.

Your girlfriend dragged you to another crappy art film followed by a late lunch at a pretentious vegan hippie cafe, and to cap the whole thing off you got to stand around while she tried on ugly dresses at some upscale downtown boutique.

That really sucks for you, because that was an incredible game to watch. Lots of tension. Lots of clutchness. A fair dose of choking. And a sprinkling of Nate Robinson totally dominating everyone in the 4th quarter. Holy cow. Remember when he hit the that runner off glass to take the lead, oh man that was great, hey, remember that?

Oh yeah. The whole girlfriend thing.

It’s a good thing these highlights are here so you can pretend you watched the game to your coworkers when you go to work tomorrow (or today). Thank me later.

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