Bradley Beal Career High 29 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (11/8/2013)

The Wizards are yet another example of why getting tons of high picks doesn’t always lead to championships. Or playoff appearances. Or winning records. I know it takes time, which they have in spades, but it also takes good management, something they are sorely lacking.

Or you could just blame Jan Vesely. That guy sucks. Or you could go back further and blame Gilbert Arenas. That guy didn’t suck, but he was a gun-toting maniac.

But you can’t blame Bradley Beal, who had a fairly successful rookie campaign despite playing for a cursed franchise. He’s had a slow start to the year, but now he’s matched a career high 29 points while taking a not career high 20 shots! He also posterized Paul Pierce so bad that I’m surprised he didn’t need a wheelchair to get off the court.

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