Michael Beasley 15 Points Full Highlights (11/16/2013)

The last component the Heat needed to secure a guaranteed 10 chips in a row was some better bench play. They still didn’t have a guy who would come off the bench and chuck like a maniac for a few minutes.

They have that guy now, and let me tell you, Michael Beasley is chucking like he wants to be committed to a lunatic asylum.

I bet the Heat were kind of hoping that he would learn to rein in his uncontrolled shot-taking and play with restraint. What folly. He’s been a chucker since high school. You can’t just tell him not to shoot. It’s like telling Peyton Manning to stop throwing touchdowns. It’s what he does. It’s the only way he can make an impact on the game.

It’s all good now, since he’s making lots of the crap he’s taking, but wait a few weeks and he’ll go cold. And then he won’t get to play anymore. And people will wonder “Why can’t Beasley put it together?”. The answer is obvious.


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