Jared Dudley 20 Points/6 Threes/5 Assists Full Highlights (1/1/2014)

DownToBuck is a man of many talents. Rapper, music producer, video editor, writer. But it is time to reveal one of my other talents: TV show production!

I’m trying to put together a proposal for a show called “Jared Dudley’s Cornrows A-No-No”. The basic premise is that Jared visits people who have ugly cornrows and tells those people to get rid of them. Of course, it’s not that simple! Some of these people really like their cornrows, but their family members think they’re stupid and are staging an intervention. Or these people want to chop off their stupid hair but can’t because of a phobia of haircuts. So Jared has to coach them and support them while they go through a difficult journey, and there’s a lot of sympathy because Jared, too, had cornrows at one point. I’ve already got Jared on board with this idea.

Okay, so that’s not exactly true, but I’m sure he’d want to do it if he read any of my tweets to him on the matter. Does anybody know his agent’s phone number? Informants get a spot on the show if they want.

Allen Iverson is definitely going to be on the premiere episode. I’m working on this too, but I’m 100% sure he’ll be down. Somebody please pick this show up. It has so much potential.

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