Iman Shumpert Career High 27 Points/1 Game Winner Full Highlights (1/2/2014)

Iman Shumpert? More like Iman Dumpert. Because all he has done this year is take a huge dump on the hopes of Knicks fans. He’s been in a shooting slump that’s lasted the whole year up until tonight, and his vaunted defensive acumen has been victimized by his lack of effort. Is he the reason the Knicks are so bad this year? No, but he certainly hasn’t been helping.

But tonight he went crazy. Totally bonkers. And not only did he score a career high 27 points including a high-flying, game-winning tip-in; the Knicks also won! Against the Spurs! They may make the playoffs yet! If this marks the end of the ShumpSlump, then maybe it’s not out of the question!

Sorry, I got a little overexcited there. The Knicks still suck, Shumpert will probably follow this up with 3 points on 10 shots, Carmelo wants to flee to another team, Bargnani’s neck is borked, and Woodson still looks like Mr. Potato Head in a suit. But hey, Tim Hardaway Jr. is doing better than expected! Positive feelings!

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