Chris Douglas-Roberts 20 Points Full Highlights (1/2/2014)

Chris Douglas-Roberts seems to be a competent scoring-only guard/forward. No three point shot to speak of, but a good ability to attack the rack and draw fouls. So why does he have a hard time sticking in the league?

It’s a two-part answer. First, he’s rocking a really weird hairstyle. I don’t even know what to call that thing. It’s like a flat-top made out of mini-dreadlocks. Second, he was part of that fateful Nets team that went 12-70. In fact, he was that team’s fifth-leading scorer. Obviously, being exposed to that many horrible players at once did not do him any favors, and he has visibly lost the will to compete for wins. There is no life in his eyes, no fire, no passion. Just glassy death, staring you in the face until you cringe and look away. CDR has seen the worst of the NBA, and it has consumed his soul.

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