Greg Stiemsma 12 Points Full Highlights (1/3/2014)

Greg Stiemsma: most worthless dude in the NBA? Probably not, but close.

The Pelicans were forced to start him early in the season because he’s a true center. Then they decided that Anthony Davis could play center. And now they’re seemingly content with starting frickin’ Alexis Ajinca. That dude is so good that Basketball-Reference was missing him in all their boxscores until just recently.

I think the coaching staff had a little pity for Mannheim Stiemroller since they were playing in Boston, where he got his first chance in the NBA, and the fans there don’t realize yet that he actually sucks. The illusion continues. Stiemsma had one of his best scoring outputs of his career. He even hit a jumper. But I refuse to get excited until he starts popping threes. It’s only a matter of time.

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