Andrew Bogut 15 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (1/5/2014)

Andrew Bogut is an Aussie. There are tons of Aussie Bogut homers out there who only care about the NBA because of him. Well, there used to be. Until Matthew Dellavedova came and stole all his spotlight.

I could diss Bogut in this description all I wanted and I bet I wouldn’t get even one comment calling me a dumbass from an enraged kangaroo. But the second I diss Dellavedova hordes of them descend upon me and accuse me of not watching basketball games (?!?!).

But I don’t want to diss Bogut. I like him. I’ve forgiven him for not living up to the hopes he engendered as the first overall pick. I’m glad he’s found a niche where he can be productive and do Boguty things. It’s just a shame that the bumbling coach-impersonator known as Mark Jackson doesn’t give him more minutes. Must be the free-throw shooting.

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