Andrea Bargnani 19 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2014)

There are some people who are under the impression that Andrea Bargnani is to blame for the Knicks’ horrible season. Those people are wrong. While Bargnani has not been great and his acquisition was questionable, he is performing about as well as expected. His career-high rebound rate is evidence of this. Here are some aspects of the Knicks that are more negative than Bargnani’s averageness.

– Woodson is a braindead coach who can’t figure out how to create a decent offense out of not bad offensive players.
– JR Smith is not only awful on the court but is also an awful human being,
– Cole Aldrich.
– Tyson Chandler is a walking injury report but isn’t even that great on defense anyway.
– I don’t even know who Spike Lee is, but his presence at every home game is annoying.
– A point guard rotation consisting of a fatty, two past-their-prime Euros, and a scrubby rookie.

Among other things. But they just beat the Heat, and they actually haven’t been playing all that badly lately. Are things finally gelling? Will they make the playoffs yet? I have faith. After all, they have nothing to gain by tanking.

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