J.J. Hickson 21 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (1/13/2014)

Here we are again. J.J. Hickson is starting at center for yet another team, despite being pretty much a perfect power forward. He has everything you want out of that position: midrange game, rebounding, and the ability to work on the block. At 6’9, he is also extremely undersized. Meanwhile, the Nuggets’ actual starter at PF, Faried, brings only rebounds and dunks to the table.

I know Faried is well-respected in the league, but he needs to get moved while he still has the ability to bring back some good stuff in a trade (maybe a defensive SG? Does such a thing exist? Can Courtney Lee get traded again?). Then, the Nuggets can start Mozgov temporarily until McGee gets back and move Hickson to his true position. A fully healthy Nuggets team would make some noise in the playoffs. Lawson-Foye-Gallinari-Hickson-McGee? I wish the Bucks had just one player who was as good as any of those guys. Actually, on second thought, Giannis is better than Foye at this point, so maybe I’ll hold off on changing my username to NuggetAboutIt for the time being.

Still, the point stands about Hickson being wrongly utilized. I’ll bet my left nut that before his career is over, he’ll have had a 20/10 season. You can count on it.

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