Brandon Knight 26 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (1/15/2014)

Brandon approached the two chattering cheerleaders as soon as the final buzzer sounded. “Hey, girls, I need a really big favor.”

Sarrah and Monique looked over at the player whose made baskets they regularly celebrated during games. After exchanging a glance, Sarrah said, “Sure, Brandon, what’s up?”

Brandon looked over to where Kaytee, the target of his desire, was walking off the court. “I need you two to pretend to both be my girlfriend so that Kaytee gets jealous and realizes that it was me she wanted to be with all along.”

The two women burst out in laughter. “You’re still freaked about that pic of hers that you ‘liked’ on Facebook?” Monique asked through her giggles. “Just ask her out!”

“But she thinks I’m a creep! She said it herself,” Brandon protested. “Trust me. I know how women work. Once she sees you two throwing yourselves all over me, she’ll realize how desirable I am and forget all about the fact that I am a perverted lunatic who touches himself to pictures of her ridiculously long legs.”

This was somewhat more information than the two women needed to know. Sarrah gave Brandon a weird look. “Um…”

“Trust me, I’m not just doing this so we can have an MFF threesome. If I’m giving a fair assessment, I would say that Kaytee blows both of you out of the water in the looks department anyway.”

Another uneasy glance passed between the women. “Why don’t you ask Rachelle? She’s in between boyfriends at the moment, and you know how much she loves that basketball-player dic-”

Cutting Monique off, Brandon responded shortly, “She’s a fatty. It really needs to be you two.”

“I guess you’ll have to figure out some other way then, because I’d say that we’re definitely not interested in being pawns in your juvenile little schemes,” Sarrah said cattily. With those words, the two women exited the conversation.

Looking around surreptitiously to make sure none of the remaining fans was paying attention, Brandon got out his phone. “Plan B:” he said to himself, inserting the phone into the front of his shorts. “Send her some naughty pictures.”

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