Enes Kanter Career High 25 Points/11 Rebounds Full Highlights (1/15/2014)

It’s true. Turkey is the best country in the world. They have the hottest women, the coolest dudes, the most prestigious history, and an unextinguishable lust for freedom and fairness in government. And don’t forget that modern-day Turkey was also the seat of power for not only the Eastern Roman Empire, but the mighty and glorious Byzantine and Ottoman Empires as well. Turks confirmed for best ability to rule over large amounts of territory and harass neighboring ethnic groups. They almost took those dirty Armenians out of the picture until those pesky westerners put a halt to the whole thing. It totally wasn’t a genocide though!

Add to that list of accolades the fact that Turkey has produced the NBA player with the most disciplined post moves ever. None of this Dwight-esque “bully my way near the basket and then throw a contested hook shot over whomever is guarding me”. Kanter just plants his pivot foot and spins around and around until his defender gets dizzy and falls off the ride. Jeff Ayres was the victim of choice this game; you can seem him on the bench puking during timeouts while attempting to uncross his eyes.

Unfortunately, since neither Kanter nor Derrick Favors can shoot long jumpers, they can’t start together anymore. Another casualty of the modern NBA. Regardless, Derrick Favors + Enes Kanter = Bros 4 Lyf.

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