Terrence Jones Career High 25 Points/6 Blocks Full Highlights (1/15/2014)

Terrence Jones just set an NBA record with three botched and-ones in three attempts during the third quarter against the Pelicans.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Rockets commentators brought something like that up during the telecast of the next game. There is a curious fascination with stats in the sports world, and local NBA broadcasts are guilty of satisfying our desires with some of the most arbitrary and asinine stats conceivable. We have long passed the points where even hackneyed stats like PER and EFG% will not slake our thirst.

But Terrence Jones doesn’t care about stats. It’s funny how worked up fans get over them while the actual players just, you know, play the actual damn game. I know when I’m playing I don’t even think about my TS% while jacking long 2’s, or my horrible turnover-to-assist ratio. Is it time to move back from statistics and just watch the game for what it is?


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