Gordon Hayward 27 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (1/21/2014)

Gordon Hayward had another good game, scoring 27 points, dishing 5 assists, and unfortunately hitting 2 threes. Why unfortunately? Because every time the Jazz hit a three some financial institution donates 50 dollars to some cancer research center.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad money goes to a good cause. Definitely better than it going to one of those horrible cancer charities. But 50 dollars isn’t enough for you to get it announced by the commentators every time it happens. Come on. You’re a financial institution. You should be able to pay like 10 times that from the money you have made screwing over the public.

Whoops! Got a little carried away there. Back to Gordon. Um. He’s showing signs of life after falling into a major funk (get it, cause jazz is funky). The Jazz themselves are also showing signs of life and are now merely one of the worst teams in the league instead of just straight up the worst. Progress!

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