Tim Hardaway Jr. 18 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (1/26/2014)

Tim Hardaway Jr. has stood out from his draft class by not being total, unadulterated human waste. His ability to positively contribute to his team is a rare and unique attribute among his fellow rookies. Not only can he shoot the three, but his above-average athleticism allows him some highlight-worthy dunks. He can also dribble the ball without turning it over and feed himself without making a mess. Other rookies may have one, or at most two, of these qualities, but the combination of all of them is remarkable. You’d have to think that he’d go top 5 in a redraft.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Despite his positive contributions, he remains one of the worst rebounders in the league, averaging a little over one per game. I know he’s playing with the known rebound-stealer Andrea Bargnani, but come on. I bet I could grab not only one, but two, rebounds if I played a full 48.

I also could have easily windmilled that lob that Hardaway got from Carmelo. Easily.

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