Lance Stephenson Triple Double 14 Pts/10 Asts/10 Rebs Full Highlights (1/30/2014)

Everyone is talking about how Lance Stephenson got snubbed for the All-Star game. But let’s be realistic here: the All-Star game is all about PPGs and pretty much nothing else, and Lance doesn’t have enough PPGs to qualify despite doing everything else really well. And even if he did have the raw point totals, everyone knows that the All-Star game is a year behind on who is actually good. We can pencil him in for an appearance next year. If Iguodala can be an All-Star one year late so can this guy.

Why does it matter anyway? Real NBA fans already know who’s good without some crappy popularity contest telling them. We can still enjoy Lance’s constant stream of trippy-doobies without worrying about arbitrary distinctions like the All-Star game.

We can also speculate as to which team he’ll play for next season. My guess is the Bulls.

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