Jonas Valanciunas 18 Points Full Highlights (2/21/2014)

Jonas Valanciunas sat on his ratty old couch, huddled up in blankets, closely shaven head peeking out like a meerkat from its hole. His heater had gone out again, and the Canadian winter was harsh and unforgiving. His television, however, was still in perfect working order, and it cast a bluish-white glow over the otherwise darkened room.

The Winter Olympics were on. Despite his fervent rantings to teammates and friends about the blatant mismanagement and corruption of the Russian hosts and his claims of boycotting, Jonas watched every event with anticipation. He could not afford to miss the possibility of a Lithuanian athlete bringing glory to his country.

The second run of the men’s giant slalom had just finished. Despite many gesticulations and angered cursing, Lithuania’s lone representative in the event, Rokas Zaveckas, came in 62nd, failing to place, just as every other Lithuanian winter Olympian before him. Jonas was not pleased, and let the TV know. “I stay up late for this? Why even bother show up if no give one-hundred percent? You barely beat man from Cyprus. They not even have snow! Give me a pair of skis. I do better.” A hand emerged from the mass of blankets surrounding Jonas. It grabbed another can of PBR from the table, already littered with empty alcohol containers and half-consumed bags of chips.

Valanciunas took a large swig, put the can back on the table, and submerged himself fully in his downy prison. The Olympics coverage continued, now showing the smiling winners. The hand jutted out again, grabbed the remote, and turned the screen off.

The room became mainly silent, except for the now audible sound of weeping.

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