Omri Casspi 16 Points Full Highlights (3/1/2014)

Omri “The Omriscient One” Casspi did not have the greatest month of February ever. In a month where 5 players averaged 30 or above, Casspi averaged around 4. (I say around because my new keyboard has no calculator button and I can’t be arsed to dick around in the start menu to find the actual program. My life is in shambles.)

Anyway, yeah, Casspi hasn’t been great lately. But it’s kind of expected that not-very-good players will go through slumps from time to time. And what does it matter if his team is winning the games anyway? Casspi playing well is just a bonus; the Rockets success in no way rests on his tallith-clad shoulders.

If this game is any indication, the month of March will be much kinder to Omri. How does a 16 ppg average sound? Move over Chandler Parsons.

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