Anthony Bennett 14 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2014)

Lots of great basketball players write memoirs about their playing days. I can see Anthony Bennett doing the same. And by “see” I mean I actually looked into the future and perused copies of this book at Jolly & Rogers Ebook Emporium. If you don’t want to know how Bennett’s career turns out through the medium of chapter titles I say to you: spoiler alert.

“UnBust: How the Worst #1 Pick of All Time Became a Hall-of-Famer”

Chapter 1: “I Was a Fat Piece of Crap”
Chapter 2: “Kyrie Irving’s Elaborate Hazing Rituals”
Chapter 3: “Cleveland Was and Still Is a Hellhole”
Chapter 4: “The Day That Changed My Life: Hello LA!”
Chapter 5: “Elaborate Hazing Rituals 2: Kobe Bryant”
Chapter 6: “Keys to The Team”
Chapter 7: “First 3-Peat”
Chapter 8: “Second 3-Peat”
Chapter 9: “How Many MVP’s Do I Have Again?
Chapter 10: “Suck My Dick Michael Jordan”
Epilogue: “Fat Once Again But No Longer a Piece of Crap”

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