Danny Green 24 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2014)

Danny “Eggs and Ham” Green was the darling of the finals last year. Hitting threes like a maniac, blocking LeBron, what a story. At least until the Heat figured him out and he became useless.

And it looks like the rest of the league has figured him out too, because he hasn’t been playing well this year. The Spurs have found other sources for three point shooting in Belinelli and Mills, so when Danny doesn’t shoot well he doesn’t stay out there just for spacing anymore. He can still defend, which is important, but fans want to see made baskets. They don’t want to see fundamental defense leading to missed shots. And he’s had some decent games recently, so hope is not totally lost.

He got his revenge on the Cavs for not realizing the potential he had by scoring 24 points, including some nifty and-ones. If they had kept him would they be championship contender right now? Maybe!

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