Eric Gordon 29 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (3/4/2014)

If Eric Gordon were a subgenre of rock music, what subgenre would he be? This is a tough question to answer since rock is an extremely broad musical genre, encompassing almost any form of guitar-based music. My first inclination is that Eric Gordon would be 70’s Psychedelic Rock, since that genre is very free-flowing and thought-provoking, much like Eric’s game. Then again, Eric doesn’t exactly have a huge following among modern-era stoner/hippie crowds, so perhaps the comparison isn’t as apt as it appears at first glance.

Some people might suggest Swedish D-Beat, but that’s stupid. Eric isn’t even from Sweden, and he definitely harbors no anarchistic tendencies. Same goes for Crust Punk. Anybody who equates Crust and Eric Gordon should be mercilessly exterminated.

There’s a bunch of other genres that can be dismissed out-of-hand: Twee, which isn’t even a rock-based genre; Country Rock, which is uneducated music for backwoods hillbillies; Glam, which is much more focused on outward appearances than Eric is; Crabcore, which, again, isn’t a genre but a style of performance utilized primarily by post-hardcore bands with ugly fringe haircuts.

After mulling it over, I think this question will remain unresolved for the time being. One thing I can tell you with certainty, however: Alexis Ajinca is absolutely 100% Vancouver-School Post-Indie Dreamwave. To argue with this statement of fact would be nothing short of pure foolishness.

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