Perry Jones III 12 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (3/4/2014)

There was a lot of hype in college about Perry Jones III. I think. It’s been a while and I get my prospects confused sometimes. But I’m pretty sure people we’re really intrigued by his combination of size and athleticism. (actually I just checked out a draft website and they said his comparison was Tim Thomas. I don’t know if that’s a good thing)

That hype has largely failed to materialize into actual good play in the NBA. But there are good signs. He can shot threes now. If there’s one thing I want my hyper-athletic nearly 7-foot behemoth doing it’s camping out in the corner. He can dunk. I’d be concerned if he couldn’t as it would indicate serious leg problems.

If he was playing on a team other than Thunder, who have almost no use for young players, I’m sure we’d be seeing a lot more of this guy. Imagine him on the 76ers or something. He’d probably average a double-double.

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