JJ Barea 19 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2014)

I like to use my expert internet-browsing skills to gauge the general opinion of a player on social media, in order to paint a more complete picture of him in these descriptions.

People don’t really like JJ Barea.

I think this is because Puerto Ricans on the whole are underrepresented on social media compared to Spanish people, who, as far as I can tell, comprise most of the Timberwolves fans in the world.

Apparently JJ takes minutes away from our benevolent lord Ricky Rubio, while also being a chucker maniac team cancer midget who doesn’t pass.or play defense and sucks. Meanwhile Ricky plays within the team concept, sacrificing personal stats for the good of the team.

I don’t know, I always kind of liked JJ. What’s wrong with having a maniac shooter off the bench? Without him the Wolves’ bench unit would be way worse than it is now, which means they would probably score 5-ish points per game. The ability to create a shot out of nothing is an underrated skill, and it’s something that Barea can do, maybe not well, but good enough.

And he can dunk. That skill alone is worth a lot.

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