Jordan Crawford 19 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2014)

Jordan Crawford will forever be that guy who thinks he’s better than Michael Jordan. However, I feel that Crawford is misrepresented when people talk about what he said. Here’s the quote:

“I don’t tell nobody, but I feel like I can be better than Michael Jordan.”

This doesn’t mean that he is better than Michael Jordan. It just means that he views his potential as boundless, and that if he were to maximize it, he would be better than Michael Jordan. This attitude gives him the strength necessary to work hard every day. It is very clear to everybody, probably including himself, that Jordan Crawford currently has not reached Jordan levels of basketball play.

That said, he did make a stronger case for himself last night against the Mavericks, as he went an uncharacteristically efficient 8-of-12 from the field and ritually abused several different defenders. I’d say that if he can up his percentages a bit, he can enjoy the niche that the similarly-named Jamal Crawford has in this league, which is an unfiltered chucker who comes off the bench and shoots ten times in four minutes.

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