Robbie Hummel 11 Points/3 Assists Full Highlights (3/31/2014)

This video is actually an April Fools joke. Did you really think that Robbie Hummel could score eleven points in an NBA game? It was all a clever trick! Eleven points is not so outlandish that the joke is immediately apparent, yet, when you watch this video, all you get is some clips of Hummel running around on the court. At no point in this video does he score any points at all.

Also, if you were a true basketball fan, you would know that Hummel averages barely one assist per 36 minutes. Thus, it is extremely improbable that he would record three in one game. A career-high in points and assists in the same game? You should have known that such a video would be nothing but a ruse.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. You only clicked this video because Hummel is white. So, not only are you a gullible ignoramus who will believe anything he reads on the internet, but the latent racism that you have harbored ever since you were a child is now manifesting itself. Good job, loser. This is like the time that your parents glued your cereal bowl to the table and you blamed it on black people.

April Fools again! Hummel really does score eleven! I sure got you good!

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