Andre Drummond 26 Points/26 Rebounds Full Highlights (4/11/2014)

Apparently there is a freshly leaked sexy pic of Andre Drummond’s former girlfriend, Jennette McCurdy. The timing of this is interesting, since Drummond was unceremoniously dumped somewhat recently, but before the pic in question was released. He denies all involvement, of course. But we all know the truth. Andre has rendered the world a great service.

Or has he? I have not actually seen the pic in question, but if my celebrity gossip sources are correct (even odds), she is clothed, if somewhat scantily. What interest is there in that? None interest. There are pics of her with clothes on all over the internet. No need for another one.

Here is DownToBuck’s InterneTip of the day: If you know where to look, there are pictures on the actual internets of women without any clothes on at all! With their boobs hanging out! Why settle for more (as in clothing)?

Anyway, you aren’t reading this description to hear celebrity gossip. I apologize. I just wanted to share my information to the world. What you really want to hear is hot basketball takes. And I’ve got a scorcher.

Andre Drummond is the next Shaq. One needs only to watch these highlights to realize this truth. Witness the power. Witness the finesse. Witness the free-throw form. Witness the tenacity. And, most of all, witness the hugeness of his physique. He may not be as polished yet, but he is still young. If any other young player got 26 and 26 we’d never hear the end of it. But for Drummond it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.

So yeah. Drummond. Next Shaq. Either that, or he’s the next DeAndre Jordan. Hard to tell with these youngsters.

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