Jrue Holiday 24 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/1/2014)

I don’t know how you can look at the Pelicans lineup and tell me that this team isn’t going to the playoffs.

Anthony Davis: No words are necessary. The only thing I worry about is if it’s okay for me to keep making highlights of him.

Ryan Anderson: Elite floor spacer and the best stretch-four in the game. His goatee sucks a little bit but I think that only costs the Pels like four wins at most. Probably less.

Tyreke Evans: So he’s not really a small forward, but who is these days? Remember, this guy averaged 20-5-5 as a rookie.

Eric Gordon: Injuries derailed his career and his life, but he’s probably at least league-average at his position, and there’s so much scoring on the floor that it doesn’t matter what he does.

Jrue Holiday: One All-Star appearance so far. There might not be many more but he still can be an excellent distributor when he’s not gifting possessions to the other team. He also is very likable because his last name reminds me of Christmas. Did you know that there’s less than two months until Christmas?

In fact, I have the Pelicans as a sleeper pick to make the WCF. I haven’t bet anything on it (because I have nothing to bet with, unless you know of a bookie that takes Hot Pocket wrappers), but I believe in them enough to put it all out there for you folks to read.

Okay, I admit it: I just really like their swaggy unis. So sue me.

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