Andrew Wiggins 17 Points Full Highlights (11/5/2014)

Now this is what I’m talking about! I’m tired of all these rookies taking balls and enveloping their lips around them, I want 15-point performances and reasonable shooting percentages. I want aging veterans shaking their heads in disbelief as a new generation of superstars romp through the league! I want them to take the “neo” out of “neophyte” and show why they were such high draft picks in the best basketball league in the world!

Call me impatient if you want. I’m just excited to find that Andrew Wiggins has the ability to score more than 10 in a single game. He might not have dunked it, but did you see those jumpers? Damn. DAMN. Why did they put Deron Williams on him?

Now we just need to tell these other tenderfoots that it’s time to stop being so tender-footed. Jabari has the right idea, chucking like a maniac, even if the shots aren’t falling. Others need to follow his lead. I feel my blood-hype levels dropping critically low. Wiggins’ performance is but a temporary reprieve from the lethargy caused by this disorder. I need more hype!

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