Roy Hibbert 22 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (11/7/2014)

With the Pacers roster looking more like a morgue than a collection of NBA players, Roy Hibbert alone stands atop the pile of decaying bodies and announces “I am a legitimate rotation player!” While a fair number of Pacers scrubs get their moment in the sun, Hibbert is used to the minutes he’s getting. Sure, the guy put up some 0-0-0 lines in the playoffs, but if his offense is working (not a guarantee or even that likely), he can effect some havoc.

(Note to NBA scorekeepers: you should stop awarding blocks whenever you feel like it. Hibbs might have had 1.5 blocks this game, and here I am looking like a fool saying that he had four of them. We both know this is bull-poo.)

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