Jeremy Lamb Career High 24 Points/1 Huge Slam Full Highlights (11/14/2014)

Jeremy Lamb is getting some serious minutes for the first time in his career, and, predictably, he has regressed from his promising sophomore season. Without Westbrick or Durcan’t around to take all the shots, Lamb has been roughly forced into a “primary offensive weapon” role that he isn’t ready for. He might get there in time, but for now, he is definitely a complimentary player and not a star in his own right.

His eyes freak me out, though. They always have this hidden fire lurking behind them, like he just murdered somebody and is itching to do it again. There’s no emotion there, only power. If there are any unsolved homicides in the OKC metro area, it wouldn’t hurt to ask Jeremy he was on those nights.

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