Tim Hardaway Jr. 24 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2014)

I don’t even know what a “KnicksTape” is, but whenever I post highlights of a player who’s on the New York Knicks, I get multiple comments merely saying “#knickstape” or a normal comment followed by the same hashtag. Even if the video was something like “Tim Hardaway Junior Gets Blown By 11 times Full Highlights” or “Cole Aldrich Sits On Bench While Amar’e Poopamire Gets 25 Undeserved Minutes Due To His Huge Contract Full Highlights” I would still get these cryptic responses.

If people are going to post it repeatedly in the comment section, should I just put it here instead? #knickstape?

#knickstape #knickstape #knickstape

There. That should do it! Any commenters who repost that hashtag are going to get unwanted pizzas delivered to their houses courtesy of DTB.

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