Lou Amundson 17 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (2/27/2015)

Such is the state of the Knicks roster that Lou Amundson not only gets to play more than spot minutes, but he actually gets to start. This is only the second team where he’s gotten at least one start (he started seven for the Warriors in 2011), and it’s not just one start, but perhaps a whole half-season’s worth! Not bad for a 32-year-old who’s been clinging onto the splintered wreckage of his NBA career, adrift in the seas of scrubdom for three long years.

When his grandchildren are gathered at his knee, Lou will be able to tell them about how he started for an NBA team. Not many players can say that. He’ll just have to leave out the part where the Knicks didn’t actually win any games and the part where he’s a career 44% free throw shooter.

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