Andrew Wiggins 25 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (2/28/2015)

What more is there to say about Andrew Wiggins? He’s certain to be ROY, yada yada, should have been in the dunk contest, blah blah, future All-Star, whatever. Every possible angle for anything written about him has already been covered. So instead, we turn to more pertinent matters:

I just had the best damn cheeseburger ever. So good. Fresh, hot, perfectly-salted fries to go along with it, and a big-ass thing of coke as well. Pretty much the perfect meal, I really feel sorry for all you guys who weren’t with me to share in the glory of the burger.

Did I mention that this burger had bacon on it? Oh yeah. Any doubts you had about the near-holiness of this sandwich are now eradicated.

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