Tim Hardaway Jr. 22 Points Full Highlights (2/28/2015)

The Knicks have now won two games in a row, a happening that ranks way up there for most improbable this season. I honestly didn’t think they had more than a single win left in them. You’re watching this video, so you know how bad New York’s roster is. Just looking at it makes me wonder about the sanity of Phil Jackson. How is it possible that a roster so constructed goes on a veritable winning-streak?

Playing the apt-to-implode-at-any-time Raptors helps, and Langston Galloway being a clutch assassin helps also. Tim Hardaway Jr. made his own contributions in his usual way (scoring and little else). Tim is unique on the Knicks in that he can score on broken possessions at least some of the time, never minding that the broken possessions are often his fault.

But playing the blame game with the Knicks is not bound to be fruitful. Basketball teams are composed of a lot of moving parts and compounding factors, and simply pointing to THJ and saying “He is why the Knicks suck Donkey-Dong” is not finding the real problem, which is clearly Phil Jackson and his inability to succeed without a top-10 player on his roster.

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