Doug McDermott 16 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2015)

You might be familiar with the term “hate-watching”. For those not on the cutting-edge of the English language, It’s when you watch a TV show that sucks really big dong so you can get mad at it. It’s cathartic, supposedly.

It’s kind of like that with Doug McDermott. Not watching his highlights, though. That’s all fine. How could you hate the way he plays the game? No, I mean his nickname. Sometimes I “hate-use” it in reference to him.

“Dougie McBuckets”. Excuse my French, but Ce que le baiser? DownToBuck, as a known and well-regarded nickname-crafter, can find several things wrong with it, several areas where it could be improved. First off, no “Mc”s. Anywhere. His name already has one! Second, just can the whole thing and start over.

All that said, it’s actually kind of fun to say, and kitschy in its awfulness. We can keep using it until someone comes up with something better, I guess.

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