Shaun Livingston 21 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2015)

Am I the only one who gets uneasy on the basketball court after knowing what happened to Shaun Livingston’s knee? It’s like I don’t even want to jump or do any sudden moves, lest patellar pandemonium ensues. Granted, my vertical leap is not especially great, and my moves are not exactly explosive, but still. I rather enjoy being able to walk, thank you very much

The good news for paranoid worrywarts like me is that Shaun has somehow recovered from turning his knee into an array of shredded ligaments. He can still throw down sick dunks when he has to (not this game though, all four of his slams were uncontested). He can still run. He can still post up smaller players with efficiency.

And he can still win rings.

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