Kyle Korver 20 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (3/9/2015)

You know what would be sweet? If someone would make a video that showed all of Kyle Korver’s three point makes in a given season. That would be super fun to watch, I bet, a sensory overload of pure marksmanship.

Oh wait.

I already did that. And, I’m not gonna lie, it was a blast to watch. You could be watching it right now, all 185 of his made threes last year instead of this measly 6. But you know who doesn’t want you to have fun? The NBA. And YouTube. They blocked that video worldwide, rendering it unviewable to everyone but myself.

They did the same with many of my (and other’s) highlights over 10 minutes long. I’m not too mad, considering it is the NBA’s content and they can do what they want, but why not block some of my crappier videos? There’s a bunch of stuff I made that never gets watched anymore; Kyle Korver making tons of threes, conversely, has a lot more replay value.

So I’m sorry. Enjoy these 6 treys. Kyle Korver is fun to watch, even in smaller doses.

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