Corey Brewer 23 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2015)

Seventeen points in four minutes? Is that some kind of record? It might be if you forget about T-Mac scoring thirteen in 33 seconds. But this isn’t T-Mac we’re talking about. This is noted crack monster and perennial MEP (Most Emaciated Player) winner Corey Brewer. This is a guy who can score sometimes, but is certainly not a “scorer”.

I would consider this performance to actually be MORE nuts than his 51-point game last year; if he had kept up this scoring rate for a whole quarter, he would have had 51 in the quarter alone. That’s the sort of crazy stuff that makes Wilt look like Yinka Dare.

My mind is still spinning. Twenty years from now nobody is going to believe that this happened. They’re going to call my video a photoshop. That’s how unbelievable this is.

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