Khris Middleton Career High 30 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2015)

I’m usually a bit of a homer when it comes to Bucks players, but even I didn’t expect Khris “Khash Money” Middleton to be this good this year. He’s not even doing anything differently than last year, just taking and making more shots, while playing his usual brand of versatile defense.

Here’s a bit of fun trivia for you: the average height of Khris’ jumper in flight is actually flatter than the state of Kansas! It’s also totally money from the left corner, I swear he doesn’t miss from over there. After this 4 of 4 performance from downtown, he’s the third best three-ball shooter in the NBA, in terms of percentages. That doesn’t mean much, by itself; Luke Babbitt was first for a while, and I think Rasual Butler was also. Still, when you watch the Bucks, you realize what an effect he has on the rest of the offense, even if he’s not scoring tons.

He’s going to get so paid. The hopes that he would fly under the radar are dashed, after these two 30-point games. That’s cool. The Bucks can and likely will match any offers, and we get to see a core of Parker-Middleton-Giannis win a couple chips in a few years.

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