Nikola Mirotic 25 Points Full Highlights (3/18/2015)

It took a whole bunch of injuries to almost all of the Chicago Bulls’ roster, but Nikola Mirotic is finally getting decent playing time. What took so long? Tom Thibodeau might be a good coach, but his minute allotment is just crazy, and when he gets fired it will be understandable.

Niko has taken it upon himself to shoot all the shots while Butler and Rose are out. Someone needs to score the rock, and it’s not going to be Dunleavy. Or Hinrich. Or Noah. Nazr Mohammed? Nah. Aaron Brooks maybe. But mainly, Mirotic has to do a bunch of stuff he wasn’t doing before.

He’s getting to the line a lot as well, making him the best bearded foul-drawer in the league this year for sure.

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