Omri Casspi Career High 31 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2015)

Omri Casspi and Reggie Evans sat at a table, waiting for their food.

“Thanks for taking me out here Reggie, I never have tried this place before.”

“Yeah, I was thinkin’, you know, you bein’ Jewish and all, why not take you out to Rosenblatt’s Deli, the best place in the whole damn valley for a big damn pastrami sandwich.”

Omri didn’t share his teammate’s enthusiasm, but smiled weakly in response anyway. “Yeah, a big damn pastrami sandwich, that’s the ticket. Hey, you sure this place is kosher?” He looked around, seeing the trappings of a stereotypical New York Deli, but nothing that indicated any particular adherence to the dietary laws of his religion.

“Kosh-what? All I know, is, I can’t wait for this god-damn pastrami. It’s like not even a sandwich, you know, cause the bread is so tiny, and the pile of meat is so mondo! Like, why even have the bread at all?” Reggie laughed uproariously, drawing the curious stares of other patrons.

“Yeah, I hear you.” Casspi was growing uneasy. He didn’t want to insult his teammate, but after seeing a bacon cheeseburger being brought to a customer, he knew that he would be going against his religion to consume any food he was presented with.

“Oh man, here we god-damn go!” Reggie exclaimed as two large sandwiches were dropped off at their table. “Toda Rabah, ma’am! What did I tell you man, ain’t this ridiculous!” Without another word he picked the sandwich up as well as he could, and immediately began gorging himself on the huge pile of pastrami, somewhat comically bookended by two thin slices of rye.

Omri looked at his own sandwich. There was no cheese, thankfully. Maybe this place was legit after all? After a bit of consideration, he picked up his fork and knife and began to saw off a bit of the meat.

Reggie looked up from his frenzied consumption, beard already flecked with pink specks. “What the hell are you doin’? That’s not how you eat Rosenblatt’ famous pastrami! You’re embarrassing me, man!” With that, he returned to his work.

Omri shrugged. “Slach li” he muttered, before diving headfirst into the pastrami.


The two teammates leaned back in their chairs, their stomachs full and their plates empty. After letting out a loud belch, Omri spoke.

“I wonder where everyone else is? Didn’t you invite the whole team?”

Reggie blearily opened his eyes, the inquiry rousing him from his temporary nap. “Oh, they said somethin’ on goin’ over to Derrick’s place. Rudy didn’t look very happy ’bout that, he said something about a dungeon and “double steps”, like the hell I know what that means.

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