Cole Aldrich Career High 19 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2015)

It’s that time of year again! The regular season is drawing to a close, and bad teams are giving their scrubs unearned minutes, with predictable results. That’s right: career highs for everybody!

The Knicks have actually been in this stage of the season for a long time now. Not for the whole season, but for most of it. Ricky Ledo, Lance Thomas, Langston Galloway, Shane Larkin, these are just a sampling of the not-very-good players who have played enough to propel them to unheard-of scoring heights.

Cole Aldrich hasn’t always been the beneficiary of being on so bad of a team, despite some promising performances early in the season. Lou Amundson (?????) has taken away a lot of his “Hustly white dude” minutes, so Cole has watched the tanking madness unfold from a spot on the bench.

Until tonight. He was reinserted into the starting lineup for no reason (Amundson not white enough for you?), and produced, scoring 14 points in the first on his way to 19 on the night. Mid-April regular season basketball is truly the most magical of all.

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