Gerald Green 23 Points Full Highlights (4/12/2015)

Another promising season for the Phoenix Suns is coming to a close amidst a haze of disappointment. No playoff games to be had, not in the brutal Western Conference. Fingers point this way and that, eager to cast blame upon those they deem at fault. The locker room is severed on fault lines, fault lines borne of sadness and frustration. And to think, that all of this could have been avoided. “But how, DownToBuck? Please enlighten us all with your bountiful wisdom!” You moan plaintively into your YouTube viewing device.

The answer is simple. Just play Gerald Green more! Giving SwaGG the minutes he rightfully earned would have meant a 6th seed at the very least. He brings a much needed skill to the Suns: shot-taking. How many points would he have averaged if given the opportunity to properly use his skills? 20? 25? 30? Even higher? We will never know.

Jeff Hornacek is a criminal, perpetrating his heinous crimes against the good people of Phoenix, and against NBA fans everywhere.

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