Troy Daniels Career High 24 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (4/15/2015)

You would have thought that a spacing-starved team like the Hornets could have found a place in the rotation for Troy Daniels. I don’t even know what “spacing” is, I’m just repeating jargon that I hear on TV, but Daniels has it coming out of every orifice. My guess is he doesn’t play team defense well enough to fit in the Hornets’ system. Guess what? That defense led the team to 33 wins. I rest my case.

It amuses me to hear the ESPN commentators talk about the young pieces that Charlotte has on their team. Troy Daniels is still kind of young, but when they start talking about “young” Brian Roberts, who is thirty years old, you know that they are just spouting garbage for the full 48. That is why I usually turn off the commentary and listen to jazz-fireplace-rainfall montages on YouTube instead. Get on my level.

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