Quincy Pondexter 20 Points Full Highlights (4/18/2015)

The modern highlight-maker faces a difficult choice over his nature: does he act merely as a conduit for the highlights, presenting the performance with clinical detachment? Or does he curate the highlights, presenting a more entertaining display of the performance, with an artist’s touch?

I note this because Quincy Pondexter had 6 assists tonight. That’s a lot for a guy like Quincy, one short of his career-high. And I didn’t show them. You know why? Because they all sucked. He wasn’t hitting cutters for layups, he wasn’t whipping the ball along the perimeter, he wasn’t leading transition opportunities. I think every one of them involved a dribble before a basket was scored.

I figured that people don’t view Q-Pon highlights (stop the sentence right here for an extra dose of truth) to watch him pass the ball. They especially don’t view Q-Pon highlights to watch him pass the ball in a very boring way. They view Q-Pon highlights to watch him score buckets.

So I utilized my editorial powers and cut all the assists out, leaving what I deem to be a more concise and action-packed highlight vid. Judge me if you must.

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