Andrew Nicholson 18 Points Full Highlights (11/23/2015)

I’ve been hyped for Andrew Nicholson for a long time. Pretty much since he’s been in the league. He has the most underrated post moves in the league, for sure. So smooth. Buttery would be an appropriate adjective for both them and my famous mac and cheese.

He’s a major reason why I think the Magic are going to be good every year, and a major reason why they aren’t. A DTB historian would note that he was the first video I did for the 2013-14 season, where he looked like he had turned the corner and was going to put up 12 per game with a combo of perimeter jumpers and baby hooks. Jokes on me, right? He’s been buried on the bench basically since those highlights were made. I admit, friends, that my faith in Nickles was tested. Tested almost to its breaking.

But I never gave in, the flame of hope that burned within me remains yet unextinguished! I am vindicated at last, as Andre just proved that if you give him some minutes, he can hit some shots. A few more three-pointers than I’d like, given the quality of his interior play, but I can’t be choosy. Scott Skiles is a notoriously odd coach with rotations; I’m sensing a big shakeup in the form of a Vucevic benching in favor of the other Canadian Andrew.

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